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So seeing that there is a need to make quality solutions to the dental issues of people available on a large scale to everyone all over the world, Dentacoin came through to meet that need by simply making use of the blockchain technology. [...] The insufficient incentivizing of the dentist has led to the lack of preventative care for the patients...... read more
Dentavox: Over 60% Of People Worldwide Suffer From Dental Fear, 4% Have Never Visited A Dentist
Dental health is suffering on a global level, and surprisingly or not, even the world’s leading economies USA, UK, and Germany make no exception. According to a recent survey conducted on the market research platform DentaVox and taken by 18,000 people worldwide, 61% of the respondents are suffering from dental fear, and almost 4% of them have never been to a dentist.... read more
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Dentacoin is Created as a Universal, Industry-Specific Currency, Says Co-Founder Dentacoin
Dentacoin presents forward a strong use-case to the world regarding the usage of cryptocurrencies and has been expanding its reach across the world quite rapidly. The vision of building a global community certainly makes Dentacoin a project to look out for in the long run.... read more
How Blockchain Is Helping People Get Better Dental Care And Save Money?
One key product in the pipeline is Dentacoin Assurance — a revolutionary dental insurance-like program that shifts the focus from treatment to prevention and brings the financial interests of patients and dentists into complete alignment without any intermediaries. Patients are entitled to a lifelong, prevention-focused dental care by paying a low monthly premium in DCN to their dentists. Dentists receive a stable basic income while simultaneously establish strong, lasting bonds with their patients.... read more
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Pioneering Blockchain-Based Survey Platform DentaVox Opens Up Global Dental Stats To The Public
Dentacoin’s market research platform now gives both registered users and visitors free access to a pool of survey results on key dental topics. Survey stats are visualized with a set of handy, interactive graphics and provide much more accurate data due to the newly implemented demographic breakdown. Dentists can use this data to improve their dental services and feel the pulse of patients’ expectations.... read more
7 Blockchain initiatives that might change the world
Blockchain technology enables Dentacoin to set up a network of dental professionals and patients through the developed software tools. Both parties are incentivized with the same-named cryptocurrency to maintain prevention-oriented care. The currency is already used as an official means of payment at 71 dental clinics, laboratories, shops within the global Dentacoin network.... read more
Dentacoin To Provide The Dental Industry With Cost And Efficiency Blockchain Solutions
The Dentacoin network currently has over 1,800 registered dentists and over 190,000 users and followers, and over 70 dental institutions are accepting payment in Dentacoin. The new generation of Dentacoin dentists brings patients back into focus by promoting intelligent prevention, implementing dedicated Blockchain-based software solutions and using an industry-specific cryptocurrency.... read more
The Perfect Match: Generation Z, Blockchain and Healthcare
Dentacoin, on the other hand, is a blockchain project focused exclusively on the dental industry, providing blockchain-based software solutions (used by 70K+ individuals and 4K+ dentists) and an industry-specific cryptocurrency (accepted at 50+ venues globally) to dentists, patients, suppliers, ensuring more efficient and secure exchange of data and value, as well as benefits for all network participants in the form of rewards.... read more